01. What Is GEO I/O?

GEO I/O provides IP-based information that speeds the performance and delivery of Web applications through a simple, elegant API.

Developers use GEO I/O to resolve IP addresses to geographic locations for powering forms, maps and many other applications. Some of the information available includes latitude and longitude, zip and postal codes, telephone area codes and more. [Get further details]

02. How Does GEO I/O Work?

From your account, you can easily create API calls to the GEO I/O network and perform a variety of real-time geo-location lookups.

When using the GEO I/O API widget, you can build any number of API strings to pass and retrieve information to return targeted geolocation data and enhance your Web applications. You decide the type of data you want returned, how it is delimitated, and other specific, hard-to-find IP-based data. [Get further details]

03. What Does GEO I/O Cost?

For a base account, there is no cost or obligation. High-volume and custom account subscriptions are available for power users.

It costs nothing to create and use a GEO I/O account. The average user will not use enough data to generate a fee. However, for those who need to make a high volume of API queries, or need a custom solution not publicly offered, there are very affordable subscription options available. [Get further details]
GEO I/O is now NetImpact!

GEO/IO enhances services and becomes NetImpact to provide Data-as-a-Service APIs to power location aware services.

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